Cattle Ranches for Sale

Cattle ranching has always been an integral part of the history of the American West; and that fact is true even today. There are many cattle ranches for sale in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming, and US Land and Ranches has carefully chosen the most desirable and affordable of these ranches and done the bulk of the development readiness for you. Each site has available utilities, and is sufficiently close to urban amenities so that even the most independent cattle rancher can feel connected.

Arizona has four distinct ranching communities to choose from, and each provides plenty of room for cattle to roam and families to grow. You can choose ranches from 3 to 36 acres, which can accommodate cattle herds of any size. If you want the breathtaking beauty of this part of the West, you may also find the perfect cattle ranch in Utah, at the Moon Dance Ranch. The cattle ranches for sale in this area go quickly, so make sure to contact us about these properties quickly.

Further north, you can find the majestic region of Colorado and Utah. Not only will these cattle ranches offer perfect elevation for your herds, but they will offer you gorgeous mountain views. Every rancher will need some relaxation, and the elk and deer hunting offered in this part of the country is second to none. To see the country yourself, visit and choose your own site for ranching.

Not every real estate company understands the groundwork that must be laid in order for a property to become a cattle ranch. We at US Land and Ranches have been connecting ranchers to quality cattle ranches for sale for over 25 years; and we are confident that we have the experience necessary to help put you and your herd onto a choice piece of the American West.