Properties For Sale

For over 25 years, US Land and Ranches has been offering high-quality properties for sale throughout the continental United States, and even in Mexico. Whether you are looking for a prime piece of waterfront property or a place with ample opportunities to hunt and fish, you’ll find a place that exceeds all of your dreams and expectations. At US Land and Ranches, we look forward to making your dreams of owning the perfect property come true.

We are concerned with maintaining the land’s natural beauty and tranquility, which is why we do not divide up our properties into cookie-cutter suburbs. If you want to purchase a 36 acre ranch in Arizona or five acres of farm property in the gorgeous Catskill Mountains, chances are, we have properties for sale that will excite you. From Pennsylvania to Washington to Florida, we scoured the country for property that is in the most sought-after areas; and we are pleased to offer them to you at surprisingly affordable prices.

Purchasing land through us is an investment opportunity like no other. We buy land at the best possible prices, perform the initial development, and then sell the properties to consumers for much less than the anticipated property value. Within a short period of time, your property’s value may double or triple; making this perhaps you most lucrative investment during your lifetime.

There are few investment opportunities that can offer the security and financial benefits of real estate. However, when you are perusing properties for sale, you need to make sure that the land will hold its value and not get swallowed up in suburban sprawl. Our properties will allow you the access to urban amenities that you need, yet will still provide you with the rural serenity you are looking for in order to build your dream vacation home or primary residence. You’ll find pictures and contact information about our available properties at