Ranches For Sale

Many land developing companies purchase large tracts of land for the purpose of strip mall and suburban development. At US Land and Ranches, however, our primary concern is with the land; so we look for ways to encourage responsible residential development. Therefore, we split the land into as few tracts as possible in order to respect the sanctity of the environment. The result is properties that are quiet, secluded, and true to the land. Our ranches for sale provide clients with true acreages; not slightly larger suburban lots.

It is becoming more and more difficult to find ranches for sale that offer the natural beauty and tranquility that many people are seeking. Our real estate professionals understand how hard it is to find quality ranch land, which is why we have searched all over the country for quality properties—giving home owners the opportunity to purchase the land that they’ve always dreamed about. What is more exciting is that we are able to offer these ranches for sale at surprisingly affordable prices.

Many people have envisioned owning a ranch in Texas ever since they saw the television show Dallas. For these romantics, Heritage Canyon Ranch currently has ranches for sale that offer lakeside access as well as room to ride your favorite horse over beautiful, open land. Since you are only about an hour from the Dallas metropolitan area, you can experience the joy of owning your own property while still enjoying the amenities that a major city has to offer.

We also have ranches for sale in the Southwest, including New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, and Wyoming. Or, perhaps you want to try your hand at ranching in the beautiful Catskills in Upstate New York. Our properties will allow you to enjoy fishing, hunting, riding, and hiking; all in your own backyard. Call our office today, or visit our website at www.USLandAndRanches.com to discover how easy it can be to own your own land.