Southwest Ranch

Out here in the Southwest, ranches cover the open landscape, giving hunters, cattle ranchers and horse lovers the chance to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. Becoming a weekend rancher can be the experience of a lifetime, even if you are more used to spending your weekends going over financial reports than going over your fence line. When you step foot on a Southwest ranch, knowing that everything in sight belongs to you, you’ll experience a feeling of complete tranquility. It is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. To see pictures of our available properties and get more information, visit us as

At the Ruger Ranch in Arizona, you’ll be brought back to the early frontier days when the area was ruled by adventurous spirits who were laying claim to their own piece of uncharted territory. Here you can purchase acres of untouched ranch land, which has remained in pristine condition since the days of the Old West. By purchasing your own Southwest ranch, you’ll be able to experience this area’s natural beauty each and every day.

At US Land and Ranches, we develop and sell southwest ranch properties throughout Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Nevada and Utah. All of the land we develop is for residential use only, and hard work goes into preserving all of the area’s natural beauty. We never sacrifice the land for the sake of a profit by encouraging sprawling commercial enterprise.

To help preserve the land and your investment, we have established protective covenants for each Southwest ranch that we own. These covenants are an important part of maintaining the land’s natural beauty, which can never be replaced once lost. We know that moving out here means that you want to experience life in a beautiful, natural setting; which is why we put forth a lot of effort to make sure you can do just that, without interruption. Call us today and let us help you find your own piece of this beautiful Southwestern territory.