Texas Ranches for Sale

The state of Texas has been known throughout its history for its ranches. In the remote parts of Texas the land appears much the same as it did hundreds of years ago. If you are seeking a piece of the Old West, check out the Texas ranches for sale by US Land and Ranches. Whetherf you are a seasoned rancher or simply a weekend sportsman, you’ll fall in love with the natural beauty of these properties.

We own many acres of beautiful ranch land throughout Texas that have been expertly surveyed and developed to ensure that each tract is in perfect condition. Not only do we ensure that the integrity of the land stays the same, but we also ensure that each property will hold its value for many years. In fact, after our developments, these Texas ranches for sale should appreciate steadily from year to year.

For many people, owning their own plot of land is a dream come true. Perhaps you want a property just large enough for building your dream vacation home on Richland Chambers Lake; or maybe you are a cattle rancher looking for a large property in the open air of our West Texas community of Heritage Canyon. Here at US Land and Ranches, we can meet both of these needs by making it possible for you to own from ½ to 100 acres at a price that you can afford. We feel confident that never before have you seen an opportunity quite like this.

Let us show you around our Texas ranches for sale, so you can see exactly what we have available. We have been in the land development business for over 25 years, so our experienced professionals will surely be able to decide on a property that fits both your needs and your budget. The wide open spaces of Texas are calling; come lose yourself in this breathtaking state and become the owner of a Texas ranch right now!