US Land for Sale

Throughout the United States, US Land and Ranches has been developing US land for sale for 25 years. In contrast to other land developers, our interest lies with land preservation and our customer’s needs, rather than only with the bottom line. This commitment meant that instead of creating high-density communities that are filled with strip malls and grocery stores, we create peaceful communities that highlight the beauty of nature.

From the wild hunting ranches of Texas to the beautiful waterfront properties in South Carolina, we have US land for sale from coast to coast. Depending on your individual lifestyle and goals, you are sure to find the perfect place for your primary residence or dream vacation home. Our website makes it easy for you to browse by state or by interest. So, if you are interested in hunting, fishing, waterfront properties or investment opportunities, you’ll find what you are looking for, quickly and easily by visiting

Here at US Land and Ranches, our experienced real estate professionals understand that for many people, the American Dream is about much more than owning a home. It is about having the space to wander freely on your own private property. Imagine stepping foot outside your door and knowing that everything in sight belongs to you. It is indeed a feeling like no other.

Nowhere else will you find US land for sale at such an affordable price. We are able to purchase and develop this land at a cost way below the market value, so you always get a bargain when you buy through us. Further, our properties are a great investment opportunity, because their location and quality almost guarantees they will appreciate quickly.