US Properties

As land in this country becomes more and more crowded, there are few places that you can feel assured you’ll be able to live without the threat of unchecked development. US Land and Ranches fortunately has US properties for sale that will give you the privacy and the tranquility you long for. You can see the quality of these properties yourself by visiting The land you purchase through our company—and the land surrounding you—are protected by covenants; so the natural beauty of the land will remain the same far into the future.

We own thousands of acres throughout the United States, including states such as California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The US properties that we develop offer residential land owners the opportunity to own large acreages where they can live a life of quite serenity, within the quiet calm of beautiful scenery. These US properties are also great investment opportunities, because as wide open spaces become increasingly rare, the demand for these properties will continue to skyrocket.

Whether you long to own several acres of lush woodlands in the Adirondack Mountains, or prefer a waterfront property in the warm Florida climate, we have properties to please everyone. Hunters will love the Heritage Canyon Ranch in Texas, where wild game is plentiful and the sky is big. Here you can live on 100 acres of your own land and have ample opportunities to hunt wild turkey, whitetail deer and other such game.

Boating enthusiasts will find beautiful properties along Lake Anna in Virginia, where two pristine acres can be yours for a minimal price. Only 90 minutes from Washington, D.C., this location is ideal as a weekend getaway when city life gets to be too hectic. On these choice US properties, you’ll have a chance to relax among the area’s most breathtaking landscapes, which include regal mountain views and lush forests.