USA Property

If you are looking for beautiful tracts of land at affordable prices, US Land and Ranches has properties available throughout the country. Whether you are in search of a waterfront retreat or the perfect place to hunt, we’ll help you find the perfect USA property for your needs. Here at US Land and Ranches, our customers are our number one priority.

In Texas, we own thousands of acres that are ideal for ranchers and hunters alike. Down at the Heritage Canyon Ranch, sportsmen can lay claim to 100 acres of prime hunting land in the open air of West Texas. Out here, game is plentiful and the ranch’s setting between two dramatic canyons is breathtaking.

Out east, beautiful waterfront USA property is available, with great communities located along the shorelines of Tennessee, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina. While most waterfront locations offered by other companies are very expensive and small in size, the land you purchase from US Land and Ranches is just the opposite. When you purchase from us, you’ll receive a large parcel of waterfront land for an affordable price.

The USA property that we have for sale is unique because it has been developed in a way that maximizes the land’s beauty. Instead of cutting down trees and splitting the land into many small properties, we sell pieces of land that are as big as possible. See our gorgeous properties at Since these sites already come equipped with paved road access and all of the necessary utilities, you can start building as soon as you are ready.