Washington Land for Sale

If you are looking for a legacy to leave your children and grandchildren, look no further than this Washington land for sale. By purchasing property in the beautiful Colombia Basin, you can make sure that you will be providing your family with an investment that will continue to appreciate for years to come. These 40 acre properties can be purchased for a price that may surprise you.

The Colombia Basin is a paradise of natural resources, and there are not many opportunities to purchase such choice Washington land for sale. Vineyards in the region provide residents and tourists with wine tasting tours and a great variety of local wine. The fruitful orchards in the area keep the local farm stands well-stocked with local produce. For those of you who are in the mood for some casual dining and quality shopping, the town of Moses Lake, Washington provides area residents with ample choices. Find even more selections at nearby Spokane.

Nobody can live for long in the Colombia Basin without becoming enthusiastic about all of the opportunities for outdoor recreation. Since your property will be directly in the path of the Pacific Flyway, you can enjoy multitudes of migrating birds as they make their way south and back. Other wildlife also thrives in this sunny part of Washington. There are other opportunities to camp, ride off-road vehicles, and explore the geology of the region. And, of course, between the Colombia River and the nearby lakes, you will have all of the fishing you could possible handle!

This Washington land for sale is such an incredible investment opportunity, that it is sure to sell quickly. See what we have to offer by visiting www.WashingtonLandAndRanches.com today. Living deep in the heart of the Cascade Mountains may sound like an impossible dream, but our real estate professionals have been making it a reality for others for over 25 years, and we can surely make it a reality for you, as well!