Waterfront Lots for Sale

If you’ve always pictured spending your retirement days relaxing on your own waterfront lot, US Land and Ranches has some fantastic properties located throughout the country that will give you much more for your money than you may have imagined. From two acre parcels located within a comfortable boating distance of the Atlantic in South Carolina, to deep water shoreline properties on the Watts Bar Lake in Tennessee, you’ll find large waterfront lots that offer both privacy and tranquility.

The problem with many available waterfront lots is the size. Often, land developers try to squeeze as many properties as possible onto these lakeshores to maximize their profits. When this happens, you end up paying an outrageous price to own a very small piece of land. We, however, take a different approach. Instead of trying to maximize our profits, we try to maximize the overall quality of the land.

When you purchase waterfront lots from us, you will notice that each property is at least half an acre; with most of the waterfront properties exceeding two acres. Owning this much land gives you the opportunity to truly relax in a low-density community–without all of the commotion that accompanies other, tightly-packed neighborhoods.

In addition to size, each property maintains its natural beauty, with plenty of lush woodlands and green meadows surrounding the lovely lakeshore. Our goal is to preserve as much of the area’s natural beauty as possible; a commitment that we take even further by placing protective covenants on each property we sell. Our waterfront lots will be a beautiful, lucrative investment for you well into the future, so contact us today to find out how simple it is to begin building on your own waterfront property!