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Partner Biographies

Rod MacAlpineRod MacAlpine

Rod is the president and 50% owner of Orchard Investment and Orchard Management. With a degree in economics and an MBA, Rod initially worked in management and sales for over a decade in North and South America for premier U.S. corporations. In 1986 he joined his brother Bill, who had started a New England based land development company only a few months earlier. Together they have built their company into one of the largest single family rural recreational land development companies in the country. Rod has been a pioneer in the Industry and is highly regarded for his ability to identify and chisel beautiful communities out of rugged raw land and marketing the property to a national audience.

Bill MacAlpineBill MacAlpine

Bill is the treasurer and 50% owner of Orchard Investment and Orchard Management. After earning his BS degree in accounting, he joined the audit staff of Coopers and Lybrand and later, as a CPA, started his own accounting practice in Western Massachusetts. In 1983, after growing the practice to three CPA’s and a support staff of approximately fifteen, he sold the practice and joined Patten Corporation, a burgeoning Real Estate Development company, as in-house accountant and chief financial officer. In 1985, Bill was instrumental in growing the company into the largest land development company in the northeast and in bringing Patten Corporation public on the New York stock exchange. Ultimately, enjoying the freedom of a private company, he left Patten to start his own business, developing land in Vermont. Bill was joined by his brother Rod, and they have grown the company into 18 land development offices in 15 states and Mexico.

Jim MacriJim Macri

Jim is 50% owner and manager of our Tennessee operations. Jim earned a 4 year Football Scholarship to attend Bowling Green State University in 1970 and majored in speech communications with a minor in marketing. After school he founded a construction company, which he operated until he sold it in 1980. In 1981 Jim joined the office of the Governor of Pennsylvania as a liaison to the Department of Energy in Washington, D.C. He was introduced to the land development business in 1985, when he became involved in the sale of timeshare units and single-family lots in a 1,000-acre subdivision outside Pittsburgh. In 1988 Jim got involved with recreational land development in acquisitions and sales, spending his last two years in Knoxville, Tennessee. In 2000 Orchard Investment recruited Jim to open an office in the Knoxville area and to act as manager of the territory. Today Jim has developed, marketed and sold over 1,400 lots in the Eastern Tennessee Lakes Region.

Terry ClaytonTerry Clayton

Terry is the partner and manager of the Company’s Florida and Georgia operations, which currently operates 5 active projects of varying sizes. Terry has a BS degree in Agriculture from the University of Florida in 1974. His background includes being a Florida County Property Appraiser as well as being a Mortgage Banker, with extensive experience in those areas. He began his tenure in the land business with a publicly traded company, in 1986, first in land acquisitions, then sales and eventually as a Regional Manager/Vice President for Florida and Georgia regions. Having over 20 years experience in land acquisitions, management, and sales, Terry was recruited in 2004 to manage the operations in Florida and Georgia for Orchard. Since then he has successfully marketed and sold over 600+ lots. Terry is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the states of Florida and Georgia.

William PearsonWilliam T. Pearson

Bill is a 50% partner and manager of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina operations. He earned his degree in Marine Science and a 3rd Officer’s License in the Merchant Marines through a pilot program set up by Gulf Oil Corp. and A Southern Maine College. Bill left the Merchant Marine industry after 8 years of traveling the world on oil tankers to pursue his shore side business ventures fulltime as a successful entrepreneur and his community leadership commitments in Portland, Maine. He joined the Orchard Group in 1995 and with his work ethic, boundless energy, leadership qualities, and developmental skills quickly rose, by 2000, to be one of the most prosperous partners in the country for the firm. Today, Bill has sold over 1,000 parcels of land for over $100 million in sales.

Steve NeffSteve Neff

Steve is 50% owner and manager of our Alabama operations. Steve has a degree in business administration and engineering. After a long career as a mechanical, application and sales engineer in aircraft, military and defense, automotive and medical industries, he was invited to join a national land development group in 1995. For 16 years he acquired, developed, and sold over $150 million in waterfront properties in Tennessee. He spent several years thereafter buying distressed condominium properties from banks all through the southeast, In 2013, he was made an equity partner with Orchard Investments in Alabama, including 10 waterfront developments, and a 2017 sales of over $8 million, in excess of 100 lots, closed or pending. Steve is married and lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, and an office in Jasper, Alabama.