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Multiple Solution Options

Outright Purchase
In many cases, the property must be sold. Since all the risk falls on the Buyer, it usually means the lowest return for the Seller. This is rarely an easy decision for the Seller, but Orchard Marketing Group will always provide a competitive bid, based on well-established acquisition principals providing a fair ROI for their Investors. Decisions are made quickly with minimal delays.

Joint Venture
Often times the Owner is not distressed, but may be cash strapped or does not have the means to properly Market and Sell the property. Local Realtors have not been able to market and sell the property in a down market and the Seller doesn’t want to lose control going with an auction format. Orchard Marketing Group can infuse money into the project, bring in a seasoned sales team, and do the marketing that is necessary to make the phones ring. This option provides a palatable risk/reward for the Owner to consider. It requires a greater commitment, but almost always provides the Owner with a higher yield.

Participation Marketing and Sales Agreement
When the Client wishes to maintain more control over the property, but requires some financial and marketing assistance, this is excellent alternative. Orchard will front all the Marketing and Sales effort for a percentage of the Gross Sales. The Client continues to maintain the property and provides a working environment for the Sales Staff. The Marketing budget provided by Orchard is established and placed in escrow to secure Orchard’s commitment to provide their support to successfully sellout the property at no additional cost to the Client.

Marketing and Sales Agreement
This is a final tool to provide a Client, when they must retain the largest possible return from the Sales. They are not financially restricted, but require a comprehensive Marketing and Sales solution to divest the property. Orchard Marketing Group will provide the Marketing and Sales experience and staff to sell the asset in a timely manner at the highest possible yield to the Client. The Client bares all the operational costs and risks, but realizes the maximum benefit. Orchard Marketing Group is only paid on a percentage of Gross Sales.

Dedicated Sales Team
The sales people move on site and staff the project full time. They are not authorized to present any other property other than the Seller’s. Our staff recognize they have made a commitment to be there until the last unit is sold. All have undergone extensive training to understand the area, the community, and the product. There are few people more skilled in converting phone calls to appointments, appointments to tours, and tours to sales.

In House Marketing and IT
Orchard’s Staff are seasoned professionals who have created targeted advertising for a myriad of property throughout the United States and Mexico investing over a $100mil in their marketing efforts. Consequently, they can buy advertising for far less than the average Developer. This advertising is continually monitored along with the sales calls and appointments to promptly redirect the money as needed to retain the highest utilization for the budgeted money.

Investment Capability
Orchard Management Group is prepared to put their money on the line. Whether to make an outright purchase, JV or fund the Marketing/Sales effort, Orchard has the ability to revitalize a project hampered by insufficient cash flow.

Accomplished Partners
Do not underestimate the importance of having people on board who have lived through the highs and lows of the market place and have continued to thrive for over 30 years in the Industry. They know the importance of maintaining a targeted and continual effort better than most, and keeping a watchful eye on budgets, spending and closings.

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