Why Not Local Brokers
Local Brokers are an excellent resource for less time sensitive, straight forward properties. They can help determine property market values from a Comparable Market Analysis. Their fees are normally a small percentage of the Gross Sales and there are minimal additional costs to the Seller prior to closing.


Unrestricted Selling
They are not dedicated to sell only your property. They typically have many listings. If a customer is showing resistance to purchase your property, their inclination and obligation is to move to another property that is a better fit.

Unfocused Marketing
Brokers rarely market outside their territory, due to limited budgets and marketing skills. Marketing is usually relegated to MLS, signage, and miscellaneous Real Estate publications. The Buyer usually finds them.

You may have a Broker who knows the property, but is not available 24/7. How many times have you looked at a property and no one is there. You end up talking to some Realtor who knows nothing about it, other than a paragraph written in the MLS listing.


For All Inquiries
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